Category: Alternative Energy

Giving Solar a Chance

Another slice of the new energy supply pie will likely derive from the old­est source of power. New, large-scale efforts to put solar power to work have recently taken shape in California. Two separate companies are constructing solar plants that will be ten times bigger than those now in use. Spurred by state mandates to […]

The Increasing Use of Biofuels

Possibly the most significant change in the energy transition of 2008 was the broadening of production and use of biofuels. In 2006, when President George W Bush castigated Americans for their addiction to oil, he called for the use of alternatives to produce biofuels, including switchgrass. Most experts expect that in the first decade of […]

Rebirth of Nuclear Power

Perhaps the clearest sign of a sea change in public acceptance of nuclear power was during the 2008 U. S. presidential campaign. During this cam­paign, the candidates of both major parties made clear their support for the use of nuclear power as part of the energy mix in America. Prior to this, such public support […]