Category: Ecological Footprints and Energy

Agribusiness Applications

Agribusiness applications (agriculture and aquacul­ture) are particularly attractive because they require marketable crops have been raised in geothermally heated greenhouses in Tunisia, Hungary, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Iceland, China, and the United States. These include vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes, flowers (both potted and bedded), house plants, tree seed­lings, and cacti. Using geothermal energy […]

Space Conditioning

Space conditioning includes both heating and cool­ing. Space heating with geothermal energy has widespread application, especially on an individual basis. Buildings heated from individual wells are popular in Klamath Falls, Oregon; Reno, Nevada; and Taupo and Rotorua, New Zealand. Absorption space cooling with geothermal energy has not been popular because of the high temperature require­ments […]

Geothermal Direct Use

JOHN W. LUND Geo-Heat Center, Oregon Institute of Technology Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States 1. Utilization 2. Equipment 3. Economic Considerations 4. Future Developments Glossary agribusiness application Agriculture and aquaculture de­velopments; in this article, it includes the heating of the various applications, such as greenhouses and fish ponds. aquaculture pond/raceway heating Heat energy provided to […]


more gradually, to 5.5 million barrels/day by 2006. However, prolonged political strife inside the country and a major oil workers strike in 2003 not only discouraged further investment by foreign companies (which were already discouraged by rising tax rates) but also left much of Venezuela’s oil industry infrastructure damaged, lowering its potential to produce and […]