Category: Ecological Footprints and Energy


Geothermal power stations have their own unique developmental, operational, technical, and environ­mental problems. Many geothermal resources occur in or near national parks or remote uninhabitable locations because they are normally associated with volcanoes and have beautiful surface manifestations and so become public reserves and tourism hot spots. Most of these geothermal resources do not get […]

The Silencer

A geothermal silencer is like a separator operating at atmospheric pressure. It is normally connected directly to a well and a separation plant for bypass or emergency discharge. The silencer reduces the high – frequency noise discharging from an open pipe to a low-frequency rumbling noise that is more bearable to human ears. The earlier […]


Geothermal drilling technology is adapted from the oil industry. Most of the geothermal wells are drilled with a rotary-type drilling rig. Because of the hard, abrasive, and high-temperature volcanic rocks of geothermal systems, the drilling bits require hard abrasive resistant teeth such as diamond or tungsten carbide. Hence, geothermal drilling is an expensive activity in […]