Category Physics of Solar Cells

Problems of the Energy Economy

The energy economy of nearly all and in particular, of the industrialized countries is based on the use of stored energy, mainly fossil energy in the form of coal, oil and natural gas, as well as nuclear energy in the form of the uranium isotope U235. Satisfying our energy needs from reserves, introduces two problems. A source of energy can continue only until it is depleted. Well before this time, that is, at the latest right now, we have to consider how life will continue after this source of energy is gone and we must begin to develop alternatives. Furthermore, unpleasant side effects accompany the consumption of the energy source. Materials long buried under the surface of the earth are released and find their way into air, water and into our food...

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From Principles to New Concepts

Mankind needs energy for a living. Besides the energy in our food necessary to sustain our body and its functions (100 W), 30 times more energy is used on average to make our life more comfortable. Electrical energy is one of the most useful forms of energy, since it can be used for almost everything. All life on earth is based on solar energy following the inven­tion of photosynthesis by the algae. Producing electrical energy through photovoltaic energy conversion by solar cells is the human counterpart. For the first time in history, mankind is able to produce a high quality energy form from solar energy directly, without the need of the plants. Since any sustainable, i. e...

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