Category: The Experimental Analyze Of The Solar Energy Collector

Trough angular misalignment

Beside the collection efficiency, other optical characteristics have been monitored to evidence how much they are affected by geometrical deformations of the solar trough profile. The second study combines the consequences of mirror deformations with misalignment and tracking errors. The crucial optical features to be considered in examining alignment and sun tracking are angular misalignment […]

Thermotropic systems with fixed domains

In thermotropic systems with fixed domains scattering particles, which exhibit a sudden change of refractive index with temperature, are statically embedded in a matrix material. At low temperatures the layer is translucent, as the refractive indices of matrix and domain are almost equal. The differing temperature dependence of the refractive index for the components above […]

Absorbers’ synthesis

New composite absorbers were developed on aluminium and cooper substrates by spray pyrolysis technique. To enhance the heat-transfer process a thin (0.5 mm) sheet of high-thermal-conductivity material (Al, Cu) was used as substrate. For increasing the adherence properties, the aluminium surface was subjected to chemical rinsing in alkaline solutions (10-15 g/L NaOH, 30-50 g/L Na2CO3, […]