Category: The Experimental Analyze Of The Solar Energy Collector

Thermotropic hydrogels

Thermotropic hydrogels are chemically or physically cross-linked polymer networks which are poured with appropriate water content. At low temperatures the aqueous solution is dissolved homogeneously on the molecular level, so that a clear state is achieved. Above the switching temperature scattering domains are formed by an aggregation of the polymers and/or by separation of free […]

First prototype in Freiburg and demonstration plant for solar cooling in Bergamo

Our first prototype collector was installed in Freiburg, Germany in Dec 2005 [1]. The evaluation of measurements that were performed during summer 2006 confirmed the theoretically derived performance parameters [3]. In summer 2006 the second linear Fresnel process heat collector with 132 m2 aperture area (66 kWp, th) was installed on the roof of a […]