Category: High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Future Perspectives

With today’s record efficiency of 44.0 % under a concentration of 942 suns [38] III-V solar cells have not reached their full potential. The multi-junction concept has the perspective of obtaining efficiencies above 45 % and maybe even 50 % under concentration. New designs for cells with more than three junctions require the use of […]

Substrate Reuse

One of the aims of ELO is to allow multiple reuse of the wafer after lift-off to reduce cell cost. Ideally, a minimum of wafer re-preparation between consecutive lift-offs is required. However, exposure to the HF solution increases the surface roughness of the wafer on a nanometer scale. The roughness is about 0.3 nm for […]

Epitaxial Lift-Off Cells

Conventional triple junction cells grown on Ge have their limitations. They are inflexible, brittle, and relatively heavy. Therefore wafer-based cells require some kind of structural support to prevent damage. Thin-film III-V cells produced with the ELO technique offer new opportunities for device design, based on the fact that the thin-film carrier can be selected on […]