Category: Integrated Greenhouse Systems for Mild Climates

This Penman-Monteith Method Can Also Be Applied for Greenhouse Conditions, if the Parameters Are Adapted to Greenhouse Climate Conditions

The climate data for outside conditions can be taken from adequate references, for example Muller 1996 or climate data tools of FAO aquastat (www. fao. org/nr/water/ aquastat/gis/index3.stm). Given data and parameters are: Mean max temperature, mean min temperature, mean relative humidity, number of sunshine hours, global radiation, mean wind velocity. The equivalents for the radiation […]

Crop Water Requirement and Water Use Efficiency

13.1 Crop Water Requirement Irrigation water is a scarce factor in many regions. Therefore, crop water require­ment has to be calculated, and irrigation systems have to be designed carefully. Knowledge of the evapotranspiration inside the greenhouse is important for suc­cessful plant growth, calculation of irrigation water consumption, and possible and economical rainwater collection and storage […]