Category: EuroSun2008-5

Software Design

This program was developed on Labview platform. Labview operating system is the most representative system in the field of graphical programming development platform using virtual instruments. And it is also the most popular and extensive application of data acquisition and control of the development environment. The program will be intuitive and have friendly interface with […]

Experimental setup

The experiments are carried out in a domestic hot water tank and a space heating tank. Both tanks are of steel and have a volume of 400 litres with an internal height of 1.4 metres. In the domestic hot water tank, fresh domestic water with high natural lime content, usual for Danish conditions, is led […]

The solar keymark system test procedure

In addition to the performance characterisation in the European standard EN 12976-1 many requirements are set up regarding safety, reliability and durability of thermal solar systems. Their objective is to ensure that the systems operate reliably, even under extreme conditions such as heavy snow or wind loads or extended stagnation periods during the summer. In […]


The PET samples became brittle and degenerated already after 10 years of exposure. In the case of PVC high losses in transmittance were observed, but mechanical destruction occurred only after 20 years. These samples showed a colour change over yellow and brown to a non-transparent black. This effect was accelerated when exposed under a protective […]

Power calculations after efficiency test results

Figures 2a) and 2b) illustrate, for both measurement periods, measured (Qmeas) and calculated instantaneous power values, after both steady-state efficiency parameters (uncorrected – Qss – and corrected – Qss corr – calculations), form Eqs.(3) and (5), and dynamic (Qdyn ) efficiency test parameters, after Eq.(4). 1st International Congress on Heating, Cooling, and Buildings – 7th […]