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G. Zorer Gedik1* and A. Koyun2 1Yildiz Technical University, Architecture Faculty Istanbul /Turkiye2Yildiz Technical University, Mechanical Engineering Fac., Istanbul /Turkiye,Corresponding Author, gzorer@hotmail. com Abstract In this study the experimental results of a solar energy collector which is installed to a south classroom window of a school in Istanbul are presented. The collector unit had been […]

Evacuated Tube Reliability

After a year of operation several distinct patterns in the development of cracks in the evacuated tubes emerged. One of these involved the production sequence or, equivalently, the fin orientation and the other, the end of the tube where the crack occurred. Vertical and horizontal tube absorber orientations were produced in the first and second […]

Tube radius

Calculations with different glass tube radius are carried out. Other parameters are here changed as well: For the collectors with the curved absorbers, the glass tube centre distance and the radius of the absorber fins are changed as well. For the collectors with the flat fins the glass tube centre distance and the width of […]

Spectral method (SPM)

The spectral method is based on analyzing the transient temperature changes in the collector circuit after the pump is started [5; 6]. Temperature signals on a secondly basis are transformed with a Fourier transformation in the spectral range. A failure free training phase results in a characteristic vector and an uncertainty boundary. A measured vector […]

Case – studies

1.1. Case-study buildings Two case study buildings were considered. Case-study 1 is a T1 apartment (with one bedroom) located in the ground floor of a 6-floor apartment building [4]. The second case-study is a T3 detached dwelling (three bedrooms). Table 2 presents for each the main characteristics influencing their thermal behaviour. 1.2. Climatic regions / […]