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G. Zorer Gedik1* and A. Koyun2 1Yildiz Technical University, Architecture Faculty Istanbul /Turkiye2Yildiz Technical University, Mechanical Engineering Fac., Istanbul /Turkiye,Corresponding Author, gzorer@hotmail. com Abstract In this study the experimental results of a solar energy collector which is installed to a south classroom window of a school in Istanbul are presented. The collector unit had been […]

General difficulty

The thermal performance of concentrating collectors depends strongly on the concentration ratio C. The concentration ratio for collectors having tubular absorbers is calculated by the ratio between aperture area and unrolled absorber area. Simplified it can be assumed that the diffuse irradiance available for the collector is reduced by the quotient 1/C. Using this assumption […]

Development of new system testing facilities

Different SDHW systems (thermosiphon systems, integrated collector-storage systems and forced – circulation systems) have been tested at Fraunhofer ISE since 1997 The testing facilities for pre­assembled systems have now been expanded to satisfy the growing demand of these tests according to the European testing standard EN 12976. From now on it is possible to perform […]

Testing of solar air collectors

Christoph Thoma, Thorsten Weick, Jens Richter, Thorsten Siems, Matthias Rommel Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Heidenhofstrahe 2, D-79110 FreiburgCorresponding Author, christoph. thoma@ise. fraunhofer. de Abstract Solar air collectors do have only a very small market share. About 20 years back, in the beginning of solar collector developments in Europe, there was some development […]