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The Real Goods’ Resource List

Although this Sourcebook is a great source for re­newable energy and environmental products and information, we can’t be everything to everyone. Here is our current list of other trusted resources for information and products. We’ve selected these organizations carefully, and since we have worked directly with many of them, we are giving you the benefit […]

Battery Wiring Diagrams

The following diagrams show how 2-, 6-, and 12-volt batteries are connected for 12-, 24-, and 48-volt operation. -‘V Fuse symbol (always use appropriate fusing at your battery) Wiring Basics We answer a lot of basic wiring questions over the phone, which we’re always happy to do, but there’s nothing like a picture or two […]

Retail Store

As an Internet business, Real Goods can reach almost every nook and cranny in America. Even so, there will always be people who want to “kick the tires” before making a purchase. Our 5,000-square-foot built-of-straw-bales Hopland Solar Living Center flagship retail store is second to none. Not only do customers have an oppor­tunity to visit […]

Part IV: Getting Down to Business

Remember our first principle? We never forget it. When the profitability principle is met, we are free to pursue our educational mission effectively. We always seek to achieve profitability through our eCommerce site and retail store (realgoods .com). We support the principles of knowledge, involvement, credibility, and even fun, through a variety of innovative programs, […]