Category: Advanced Characterization Techniques for Thin Film Solar Cells

Solving Semiconductor Equations

The output of the equivalent-circuit method is limited to calculating the current – density-voltage (J-V) characteristics of the device. To model cells more precisely, and to calculate physical properties such as band diagram, carrier density, photogenera­tion, recombination, and to simulate different characterization experiments, such as quantum efficiency, photoluminescence, admittance spectroscopy and others, one needs to […]

Two – and Three-Dimensional Electronic Modeling of Thin-Film Solar Cells

Ana Kanevce and Wyatt K. Metzger 20.1 Introduction Research and development to expand solar cell use is based on finding ways to create more efficient devices, eliminate as many losses as possible, lower material usage, and use cheaper production processes. Empirical optimization is important but can be misguided and require significant time, effort, and cost. […]