Category: EuroSun2008-4

Energy evalution

The energy assessment should be carried out in a quick and simple way by the user of the tool. On the other hand it should consider all properties of the fa? ade influencing the overall energy demand in an adequately accurate manner. This task was solved by a methodological approach in two steps: Step one […]

Contribution of the Solar Thermal System to the Building Energy Performance – specific aspects of the Portuguese legislation

3.1. Short descriptions The Portuguese legislation transposing the EU Directive 2002/91/CE, includes a Solar Thermal Obligation, imposing the usage of solar thermal collectors for hot water preparation if there are favourable conditions for exposure (if the roof or cover runs between SE and SW without significant obstructions) in a base of 1m2 per person. The […]

Analysed projects

The design projects discussed in this paper were carried out as graduation projects in the years 2006 to 2008. The projects were carried out in the master Integrated Product Design which is focused on the product development from product idea to a production ready product design. The project duration was approximately 6 months. Due to […]

Modelling and Performance Study of a Building Integrated Photovoltaic. Facade in Northern Canadian Climate

V. Delisle CANMET Energy Technology Centre-Varennes, Natural Resources CanadaVarennes, Quebec, Canada J3X 1S6, veronique. delisle@nrcan. gc. ca Abstract A model was developed to predict the electrical and thermal performance of different configurations of double-glazed and triple-glazed BIPV fenestration systems. Simulations showed that using a PV laminate as the middle pane as opposed to the outer […]

PV-cells and design

Because poly-crystalline silicon PV-cells are cheaper than mono-crystalline silicon PV-cells and still has a high efficiency these are used for the proto-types of the PV-windows. Silicon wafers are usually not transparent. Therefore the project group has worked with variations in the design of the PV-pane, e. g. the size of the silicon wafers and carving […]