Category: EuroSun2008-4

Monitoring results

1.2 PV facade system results The systems have been monitored since their installation at June 2005, for the facade, and December 2005, for the park. Fig. 4 presents the values of the monthly averages of the daily energy produced in the facade, per installed peak power. In general, this system produces more energy in winter […]

Study Framework

An increasing interest and application of the glass material in architecture and Portuguese construction can be observed through the buildings of the built where it is more used in the service buildings-Fig.1. It is a common sight in the service buildings (mainly office buildings) built in the last decades, the glass material as constituent part […]

Analysis of the projects

For each project was assessed if the guidelines of the Delft Design Approach were systematically applied, and how the application of the guidelines contributed to an efficient and transparent design process. Table 1 summarises the use of the Delft Design Approach guidelines per project. For the elements that are recommended to be addressed in the […]


F. Cuadros, F. Lopez-Rodrfguez, C. Segador, Escuela de Ingenierias Industriales de la Universidad de Extremadura. Campus Universitario, Av de Elvas s/n. Badajoz. Spain. Corresponding Author, ferlopez@unex. es Abstract This communication is intended to present an example of bioclimatic architecture. In particular, the development of an intelligent zero-energy building (ZEB) in the campus of the University […]

PV system payback analysis

The financial analysis combines the impact of different system implementation costs (400€/m2 and 600€/m2) and sale prices of PV electricity to the grid, in a total of eight scenarios: • 0.08€/kWh: the typical average cost of electricity bought to the grid • 0.20€/kWh: an estimate of the corrected value of electricity bought to the grid, […]