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Classification of Concentrators

Solar concentrators may be classified as (i) tracking type and (ii) nontracking type. Tracking may be continuous or intermittent. It may be of one-axis or two-axes design. The Sun may be followed by moving either the focusing part or the receiver or both. Solar concentrators may also be clas­sified on the basis of optical components. […]

Lightning Current in Conductors that are Incorporated into the Equipotential Bonding Installation

On completion of the equipotential bonding phase, lightning current is distributed at the grounding resistance Re and across the conductors that are part of the equipotential bonding installation, while at the same time the potential increase induced by the lightning strike decreases accordingly. Described in [6.20] is a method for distributing lightning current across the […]

Background of Neural Networks

Neural network is a massively parallel distributed processor made up of simple processing units, which has a natural property of storing experimental knowledge and making it available for use. It resembles the brain in two respects: – Knowledge is acquired by the network from its environment through learning process. – The interneuron connection strengths, known […]